Modern Italian Cello by Pietro Andreini (Giorgio Grisales Workshop)

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Hand made modern Italian cello by Maker Pietro Andreini from the workshop of Georgio Grisales.

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Italian Cello Pietro Andreini – Modern Italian Cello from Giorgio Grisales Workshop)

A Modern Italian Cello by Pietro Andreini.

Giorgio Grisales was born in 1963. He moved to Cremona in 1982 where he began his first approach to the art of violinmaking. In 1988 he graduated at the “International School of Violinmaking” and was issued a diploma in bow making after attending a course organized by the “Regione Lombardia”.

Features of Andreini’s Cello: 

  • Italian spruce
  • Beautifully flamed Bosnian maple back and ribs
  • Made in Cremona, Italy
  • Anno 2022
  • Comes with a certificate of authenticity by the maker

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