Vintage 1/2 Size German Cello Circa 1920


Very rare vintage 1/2 size German Cello, circa 1920, bearing the label “Hans Edler”.

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Vintage 1/2 Size Cello – German Circa 1920

Antique cellos and bows generally hold their value and might even increase in value during your ownership. Antique cellos can be beautiful objects of art and display. They can be great conversation pieces when a little is known about their provenance (where, when and who made it?). Like fine wine, wooden instruments can improve with age. Most are constructed from tone woods that had been left to season a number of years before construction had even started and the changes in the wood experienced over the instrument’s lifetime will bring out its potential. There is a reason why many of the world’s finest musicians play antique instruments. The quality of wood used regularly in a vintage instrument is very hard to get nowadays and very expensive.

This Vintage 1/2 Size Cello has just been professionally setup with:

  • Wittner Geared Pegs
  • Helicore/ Larsen strings
  • Despiau Belgium bridge
  • Carbon Fibre tailpiece and Endpin

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