Vintage German Violin VN1321 Circa 1890


This vintage violin was made in Germany around 1890. It features honey toned and highly flamed back and ribs.

This is a fine example  of precise German craftsmanship based on Stainer making. It has a warm but powerful tone and would be perrfect for an intermediate player looking for an classic vintage sound.

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Vintage German Violin VN1321 Circa 1890

This 1890s Vintage German Violin VN1321 bears an internal Stainer label and is most likely a Stainer copy. The inside label reads ‘Jacobus Stainer in Abfam prope Oenipontum 1729.’ It has a warm and powerful tone and is an excellent example of the Stainer-style in violin making.

The violin has a beautiful pale gold highly flamed two-piece maple back and displays evident signs of workshop antiquing. The scroll is softly defined and the instrument is fitted with wooden pegs.

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